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A Brief History of Solomon's U.C.C.

No precise date can be found as to the actual date the congregation of Solomon's was established. There is even some mystery as to its original name as several documents in the mid-1800's refer to the congregation as "the Presbyterian Congregation at Kellers Church."

There are some references to the building of the first Union Church in 1841 about the German Reformed Congregation at Kellers Church. On Sunday, October 23, 1842 records show that 12 regular members communed on that Sunday, and 11 new communicant's names were read. This would seem to suggest that even before this date an organized congregation was already meeting at Kellers Church.

However, it is the date of October 23, 1842 that must be accepted as the beginning of the congregation's life as this is the only official church record. Originally, Solomon's (Kellers) was part of a four-point charge with the congregations of St. Paul's (Blue Church), Jerusalem (Apple's), and Applebachsville (St. Paul's). The Reverend Samuel Hess of Saucon Valley is credited as having organized the congregation in 1842 at Kellers Church (a union Church shared between the German Reformed and Lutheran on the site now known as St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ridge Road).

Per request of the congregation and supply pastor, the Reverend Amandus F. Ziegler, in 1873 Applebachsville and Solomon's (Kellers) were constituted a charge to be known as "Kellers Charge." Then in 1890 the Kellers Charge was dissolved and Solomon's was added to the Nockamixon Charge of the German Reformed Classis. Under the pastorate of the Reverend Charles B. Weaver (the single longest pastorate in Solomon's history), a new Union Church was consecrated on Whit-suntide and Whit-Monday, June 2 and 3, 1895, due to the original building being considered unsafe.

Shortly after the first year of the Reverend Alvin J. Forry's pastorate (Solomon's eighth pastor) in 1953, discussions ensued to dissolve Kellers Church Union between the Lutheran congregation and Solomon's. In July 1957 both congregations approved the plan for Solomon's to relocate near Bedminster with their appraised share of $60,000 for the Union Church. In October 1957 the building began at its present site, and the new church was dedicated on November 22, 1959.

A subsequent Christian Education wing was built in 1967. In that same year, the congregation of Solomon's voted to become a single charge, ending their union charge with Almont UCC Church. In its 260 plus years, Solomon's Church of the United Church of Christ (result of 1957 merger between the Evangelical & Reformed Church of North America and the Congregational Christian Church) has only been served by 13 pastors, including our current pastor, Dorothy Shelly. This attests to not only the longevity of relations between pastor and people, but the harmonious nature of the congregation itself. It truly is a place where, as our road sign reads,

"Come as a visitor, leave as a friend."